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 Each year, four to six students are supported by GeoHab to attend the GeoHab Conference. This support is in the form of a small stipend to cover the costs of travel and living expenses while attending the conference. Each recipient of the stipend is expected to give an oral presentation at the conference. Conference registration and conference dinner fees are included as part of the support.
As in the past, priority will be given to students who are attending universities or colleges in the region of the previous conference. GeoHab 2015 was held in Salvador, Brazil. Other students studying elsewhere are also encouraged to apply with the knowledge that their selection may be secondary to those applying from the region of last year's conference.
The objective of GeoHab's student support is to expose students interested in marine benthic geological and biological mapping and marine benthic habitat characterization to the community of seafloor mappers and other scientists actively investigating seafloor morphology and substrate associated with ecosystems. Those applying for this support are encouraged to become an active member of GeoHab and to support the organization in the future.
To apply a student should be actively enrolled as a final-year undergraduate majoring in marine science or a graduate student studying for a Masters or PhD degree in the marine sciences or associated field. An abstract of the talk to be presented at the conference needs to be included in the application as well as a short CV (max 2 pages) and a short description of why you want to attend the conference and what you would expect to obtain from your attendance. Instructions to applicants can be found at the officialGeoHab site Please indicate the school you are attending and your major. In addition to your 3 page application, a letter of recommendation from your advisor is desirable, but not necessary.
You will need to include a cost for your airfare (as determined by the availability of low-cost economy fares for travel to Winchester, UK, in early May 2016) and other expenses you expect to accrue, such as accommodation cost in Winchester or Southampton for the duration of the conference (including the workshop, but excluding the field trip).
Please submit your application to Dr Alex Bastos from the Federal University of Espirito Santo, Bazil, via e-mail ( by January 31st, 2016.
Your application will be reviewed by the GeoHab Student Committee and evaluated on the quality of your abstract, your statement of interest and the cost of travel. Notification will be given by February 19th, 2016.



Alex Bastos (GeoHab 2015 convener, Federal University of Espírito Santo,Brazil)
Tim Le Bas (GeoHab 2016 convener, National Oceanography Centre, UK)
Markus Diesing (GeoHab 2016 convener, Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, UK)
Craig Brown (GeoHab 2017 convener, Nova Scotia Community College, Canada)
Brian Todd (GeoHab 2017 convener, Geological Survey of Canada, Canada)
Vaughn Barry (Geological Survey of Canada, Canada)
Guy Cochrane (U.S. Geological Survey, USA)
Margaret Dolan (Geological Survey of Norway, Norway)
Andrea Fiorentino (Geological Survey of Italy-ISPRA, Italy)
Gary Greene (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, USA)
Anthony Grehan (National University of Ireland, Ireland)
Peter Harris (Geoscience Australia, Australia)
Daniel Ierodiaconou (Deakin University, Australia)
Aarno Kotilainen (Geological Survey of Finland, Finland)
Geoffroy Lamarche (NIWA, New Zealand)
Vanessa Lucieer (University of Tasmania, Australia)
Scott Nichol (Geoscience Australia, Australia)
Alan Stevenson (British Geological Survey, UK)
Terje Thorsnes (Geological Survey of Norway, Norway)


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